15 Things you’ll regret doing (Answers.com vs talesfromthehood)

http://www.vox.com/2015/10/19/9554583/doctor-good-death – read this when you have time, it’s sad but a good read

Then let’s move on to what someone out there has decided are the 15 things you’ll regret doing. A list of common sense items like, “Not eating enough vegetables” and “Tanning”. Basically it’s a list of how to not look old when you’re old. 

To spare you the annoying ad-heavy website here’s the list of no-no’s:

pulling all nighters

drinking coffee/red bull

eating “junk food”

credit card debt – AGREED


drinking alcohol


skipping meals- AGREED

not exercising- AGREED

“over-stressing”- AGREED

Loud music

Being a flaky friend- AGREED

Not eating vegetables- AGREED

Skipping sex

Failure to moisturize

Given that my greatest fear has nothing to do with looking old I propose a new list of 15 things you shouldn’t do if you want a happy productive life:

  1. Diagnose your health problems on the internet
  2. Engage in gossip
  3. Attempt to control what other people think about you
  4. Stop questioning and learning
  5. Let your own bullshit become someone else’s bullshit
  6. Get blackout wasted in public after the age of 25 or so- or ever- if possible
  7. Stop dancing or at least listening to some loud music DAILY
  8. Complain non-stop to anyone who will engage you- love spreads- hate breeds hate.
  9. Skip screening tests for cancer (mammogram, colonoscopy, etc,) after stages I-III, well, the odds aren’t in your favor.
  10. Abuse people though neglect
  11. Not be a person of your word, that’s all you’ve got
  12. Be inauthentic about who you are, really. Secrets make you sick. 
  13. Spend your money on stuff instead of experiences like travel, the stuff doesn’t transfer to the afterlife.
  14. Assume you will live forever, you won’t.
  15. Blame poor personal choices on others, or fate, or your traumatic past. Those choices got you where you are today. If you don’t like your life?

It’s your responsibility to make different choices going forward. 

It’s an inside job, mental health, physical health, emotional health- they’re all wrapped up in each other. Stress will not only put you in mental anguish but physical pain. Easily said- wipe out stress! Not easily done. Start by not having expectations. Period. And not having an invisible scorecard of debts and credits owed and paid. When you don’t live in a “quid pro quo” fashion and you give of yourself freely, asking nothing in return, that is altruism. When you’re constantly giving and expecting to receive in return? That’s a TRANSACTION. Know the difference and make your agenda clear.

-notes from the Hall and Oates Hater


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